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A Mixed Weekend

Kathy and I have been spending the weekend in Atlanta at GAFilk, seeing old friends and treasured acquaintances like Dave Clement, Cat Faber, Amy McNally, and Kathleen Sloan. The music has been wonderful, as usual, though the hotel is cold in odd places (Atlanta is NOT supposed to be this cold, even in January) and there is a threat of an ice storm starting this afternoon to make travel that much more interesting (I am so glad I flew down here).
On a sad note, Randy (whose last name escapes me) came in from Pennsylvania and had to report that Ann Cecil, a friend from my days in CAPAcity many years ago, has been battling cancer, and is moving into hospice care this weekend. We don't know how much longer she has, but all positive thoughts go her way from me, at least. There were also 4 other former CAPAcitans here at the con (Kathy, Naomi Pardue, Lee Billings, and Clark Wierda), and I sent word to Jim Rittenhouse and Teresa Tucker, as well. We all wish Ann well, and hope for any positive change.


Thanks for the Ann Cecil update (probably Randy Hoffman aka mrgoodwraith).

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That is really sad to hear.

When I spoke with Ann a few weeks ago, her voice sounded really bad, but from the optimism and positive energy that she radiated I had just assumed it was my own reading too much into her vocal nuances.

Personally I can say that virtually everything I've done in filk publishing that was of meaning to me is a direct or indirect outcome of Ann having made it possible.
One of my best memories was driving up to Winnipeg to the Worldcon with Lee Billings and her ex husband Tom, and encountering Ann, you, and a half dozen or so other fen in the van with a bumper sticker that said "Caution: Weird Load" on the back. As I recall we stopped for lunch at Grand Forks and had a grand time.

Writing this, I'm back at the GAFilk hotel, at the dead dog, because my flight got canceled and we had to stay over an extra night. Makes me wish I had Cosmo's lyrics to the song he wrote at Musicon 5, when the Dead Dog Party became the Sled Dog Party due to the snow.
Belatedly, thanks so much for reminding me of that story - I had totally forgotten!

Ann Cecil update

I regret to inform you that she passed away earlier this morning. The information came to me from fellow DI James Walton, her #2 at Confluence.

Also, I found an older picture of her in my archives: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dmuth/1067111805/ Feel free to copy/cut/crop or do whatever else you want with that picture as you see fit.

-- Giza, D.I.

Re: Ann Cecil update

I'm saddened to hear that news. Thank you for the link to the photo. I really don't know what more to say at the moment.