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And the Weather Outside is Frightful

That, of course, is putting it mildly. I was hoping the weather guys would be wrong, but the reports are coming in that Chicagoland got around 20 inches before the snow stopped earlier this morning. Kathy and I are fine, sitting at home because our offices are officially closed and the roads are very near impassable. The wind is still gusting very high, and temperatures are expected to drop into sub-zero land overnight (something about 20 below zero Fahrenheit was being bandied about by the local news). About the only thing I'm glad about is that this didn't happen on Friday the 11th, which would have scuttled our cruise plans for this year. Of course, we still have to get out the blower and clear the driveway, since we're expecting to need to get to work tomorrow morning.

Since my boss doesn't need me to be particularly productive today, I'm taking advantage to get some things done around home that I don't always have time for these days, like posting here.
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