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Texas Time

OK, I'm still at Worldcon (San Antonio) with friends and acquaintances, listening to Jordan Kare and thinking about upcoming events. Spokane, Washington won the Worldcon bid for 2015 (which didn't surprise me half as much as it did the bid committee for Orlando). I'd been expecting Helsinki to lose, since I've never seen two non-North American Worldcons in a row before, but Orlando was a harder bet, since they had a benefit that also appears to have been a liability (in that they chose a Disney resort as their site). Over all, I don't think it was such a hard choice. I didn't want to go to Florida over Labor Day weekend, nor, it appears, did anyone else.

On a similar note, the bids for that 2014 NASFIC were from Phoenix and Detroit. While some thought Detroit was a sure loser (usually citing the fact that the Michigan governor's lackey filed bankruptcy for Detroit this year), but they pulled out a win. I may not be able to go, since much of my vacation time will be devoted to 2 weeks in England and Ireland in August next year (LonCon and Shamrokon, respectively), but I'm keeping my options open.