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Bad timing and Bad Words

I'm making this public because I have to. Someone I am friended with here on LJ has locked me out from replying to them in any other way, and I have to say it would be my fault. Since we don't appear to have any mutual friends I can appeal to this person through, I have to go this route since they don't appear to have removed me from their friends list and should be able to see this posting.

Without going into any gory details, I believe that I managed to make it appear that I was trying (far too hard ) to get this friend to do something they did not want to do. That was never the case, and if that impression was given then I apologize. I have to assume that I have royally pissed this person off, which was also not intended. I feel about 2 inches tall about this.

I do not expect the reply (if any) to be public, but I do hope I can mend things. Please understand that I was not attempting to force you to do anything that you do not wish to do, such as joining other groups. I obviously did not make that plain enough in my messages. I'm not in the habit of going around pissing off my friends, and I am truly, deeply sorry that I have done so in this instance.

I hope that I will be forgiven, but I know that is up to you. I'll be patient.



I had no idea I'd locked you out of my LJ until Bob messaged me and linked me to this post!!!

I don't even know how to lock someone out (I'm trying to figure out how to undo it now)

I'm SO sorry! No idea how it happened but I must have clicked on tghe wrong thing at some point. You havne't upset me in any way and I'm sorry I've unintentionaly upset you like this. I had no idea.



That's OK, now that I know what really happened, and that you're working on fixing it, everything should be good. Since the change was so sudden I had no idea that I hadn't managed to anger you, and since I couldn't reply to your messages or send you a note myself directly I had to assume otherwise. Since you didn't see my posting, I have to assume whatever you did blocks me from your friends page, as well, or my post got buried in others to you and you missed it.

Regardless, I'm glad it's being fixed, and that I actually hadn't pissed you off. I'll try to send a regular reply to something of yours as a test later tonight. If necessary, I can still have Bob pass messages for a short time. I know there's a ban/unban option in the login page. When you first log in to LJ, put your mouse pointer on Friends in the banner at the top of the page, and there is an option to ban or unban in the menu that will drop down. That may be where you'd fix this.

Keep me posted, please, and don't worry. I've made enough mistakes to know they can happen at the oddest times.

Should be OK now, I think!!!

Well, if this gets through I'll try something else from one of your other postings.